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Golf Equipment for Beginners: What is Essential?

Golf equipment for beginners: what is essential?

Don’t let the expense and complexity of golf equipment hold you back from trying out this exciting sport. Whether you’re a beginner or just looking to improve your game, our guide to golf equipment for beginners will provide you with all the essential knowledge you need to get started without breaking the bank.

Golf may initially seem intimidating, with its unique etiquette and extensive gear requirements, but don’t worry – the community is more welcoming than ever, and courses and clubs are eager to help new players get started. With our guide, you’ll gain a clear understanding of the equipment you need to get on the course and start enjoying the many benefits of golf, from physical activity to stress relief and social connections. So what are you waiting for? Let’s tee off!

Essential Golf Clubs

Generally, a standard set of clubs includes the following:

  • Driver
  • 3 and 5 wood
  • A set of irons (usually 4-PW)
  • Pitching wedge (if not included in irons set)
  • Sand and lob wedge, or a single “wedge”
  • Putter

There are two ways that newer golfers may choose to assemble their first set of clubs; each has its own benefits and drawbacks.

Buy a Package SetBuy Clubs Separately
✅ Simple
✅ Typically less expensive
✅ Ensures you have all necessary clubs
✅ More customizable
✅ Certain clubs will remain useful for longer
✅ Can select clubs that fit your different swings
❌ Little customization
❌ Will likely need to be replaced completely once
❌ your game improves
❌ Individual club quality can vary widely
❌ More effort and research
❌ More expensive (can be aided by looking for
❌ secondhand clubs)
❌ Usually requires professional help to select the right clubs

Buying a Set

The vast majority of newcomers will simply purchase a golf club package set, as it is the simplest and cheapest way to get started. These sets come with every club we listed, and all are from the same brand. This is convenient and can even suit your needs if there is a particular brand that you tend to hit well.

Often, though, beginners are well served to get a set in their price range, knowing they will spend a bit on upgrading as they develop their skills. For those that have already hit a few clubs and may have a better idea of what kind of clubs they like, assembling a set with different clubs may also be useful.

Buying Clubs Separately

For golfers willing to spend a bit more and do more research in exchange for clubs that may suit them better (and stay in their bag longer), they can assemble a bag with different clubs. Most clubs will be purchased individually, like your driver, fairway woods, wedges, and a putter.

Irons, though, are typically purchased in a set. This is where we recommend the lion’s share of the money is spent, as learning how to hit with your irons consistently is one of the most important skills to develop while starting. The Driver is fun, and putting is extremely important, but hitting with irons is one of the more difficult things to master initially. A quality set of cavity-back irons will make dialing in your swings easier, losing fewer balls, and lowering your stroke count. Finally, if you invest enough in these, they won’t need to be replaced for quite a while.

Another club to be a bit pickier about is your putter. Newer golfers tend not to have the most consistent ball strikes when putting, so finding a forgiving putter is extremely important. Typically, newer golfers should look for a high-MOI mallet putter or one that distributes most of its weight toward the back to provide more consistency on off-center strikes. Getting fitted for your putter, and investing in a good one, can allow you to keep that putter for years.

The best way to keep the cost down when assembling your bag this way is to look at secondhand options. These can be found online and in-store, but new golfers are best served by looking in-store with experienced staff to help them find forgiving clubs that will serve them well on the course.

Golf Tools and Accessories

Outside of clubs, there is some golf equipment for beginners that new golfers will want to ensure they have when they get out on the course:

Golf Bag The bag that came with your package set, or one you buy separately if you assemble your set piecemeal.
Golf Balls A simple, cheap box of balls will serve you just fine starting. As you improve, you may feel better suited with more premium balls.
Tees Wooden tees are great if you want a ton of them for a low price, while plastic can be of better quality and won’t break as easily when struck.
Divot/Pitch Mark Repair Tool A tool for fixing divots when your ball lands on the green. A must-have for practicing good golf etiquette and keeping the greens in good shape.
Ball Marker (for putting) A token used to mark the place of your ball so that other golfers don’t hit your ball when their putting line is close to it.

Having all of these tools will make your time on the course much easier. They are all considered vital unless you want to borrow from friends or rent equipment. There are many other nice-to-haves, like towels, a decent-sized water bottle, push carts, and many others, but the list above is everything you need for a round of golf.

Golf Attire

Golf equipment for beginners includes your outfit! The attire required for golf can vary based on the course you will visit, but generally, it is good to have a comfortable set of clothes that meet the standards of every golf course. These standards include:

  • A collared shirt (sleeve length can vary)
  • Khaki or other non-denim shorts/pants
  • Golf shoes

It is important to get a breathable shirt with moisture-wicking fabric, or you’re likely to end up soaking wet by the end of the day. It will also help reduce chafing during your swing, which can get pretty uncomfortable.

Pants are simple. Avoid denim shorts or jeans. Instead, opt Tech fabric apparel designed for more breathability and sweat tolerance, just like the shirt.

Golf shoes aren’t always necessary in terms of course or club dress codes, but they can be, and they will help you put more power into your swing without losing your footing. There are many quality, affordable options for golf shoes in both spiked and spikeless configurations. Pick some shoes that feel comfortable for you and suit your style, as investing heavily in expensive golf shoes isn’t likely to change your score much early on.

Worldwide Golf Shops Has Everything You Need

Worldwide Golf Shops provides next-level service to customers of all experience levels, with the best-trained staff in the industry to assist in finding the right golf equipment for beginners. We pride ourselves on our ability to provide guidance to beginners and to share pro tips with even our most experienced clientele. Check out our online store to see our industry-standard variety of all of the following:

At Worldwide Golf Shops, we take pride in offering brands that we guarantee will provide the highest level of value to our diverse range of golfers. Our knowledgeable staff is ready to assist you in finding the perfect golf gear. Find a store near you today!

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