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Golf Gifts for Kids: 2023 Holiday Guide

Looking for something to get the young golfer in your life? Learn what to get them in our quick guide on the best golf gifts for kids.

Childhood and adolescence is the best time to start learning golf, and youth golf is bigger than ever. It is so big that many parents who don’t golf have kids who do, leaving them wondering what to buy for their little golfer during the holiday season. Luckily, the market for kids’ golf gear is massive, and options are plentiful.

To help parents and other loved ones find the perfect gift for their favorite golfer, we’ll break down the best golf gifts for kids. Generally, the best gifts for kids who golf fall under the following categories:

  • Golf clubs
  • Home training equipment
  • Golf apparel

Let’s dive into each category and the best gift options within each.

Golf Clubs

While the one you’re shopping for likely has clubs already, a club upgrade is something every golfer will love. Now, there is some strategy to buying golf clubs, and if you’re not well-versed in golf, it is vitally important that you understand it to avoid getting something that won’t be very helpful for your kid golfer.

Most kids start with a beginner set of clubs. This is usually a matched set of a driver, irons, a wedge or two, and a putter. The irons should be kept as a set, and should only be upgraded with another complete set of irons. The wedges, driver, putter, and fairway woods/hybrids (if applicable) can all be upgraded individually.

Now, this doesn’t mean you should simply go out and buy one, hoping it is one your child will like. Instead, the best thing to do is to take them in for a professional golf fitting and allow them to swing a few different clubs in front of an expert. The fitter will help them not only find the right club, but also the right configuration of that club. Custom fitting is essential in getting the most out of golf clubs, so this step should not be skipped. Professional fittings are usually free at any specialty golf shop in your area

Home Training Equipment

The next best gift for young golfers is home training equipment. Giving kids the flexibility to practice at home, at a range, or even at a park will increase their rate of progress. Since childhood is when we pick up new skills the fastest, getting quality training aids early on is a wise choice.

Here are some of the best home training equipment to get for kids this holiday season:

Alignment Rods Alignment rods are the most fundamental training aid in golf, and they help align a golfer’s stance and improve their swing path. They come as affordably as $10-15.
Putting Mat A good mix of practicality and fun, a putting mat allows newer golfers to practice straight puts from their home or office.
Swing Trainer Swing trainers cover a wide variety of tools you swing in place of a golf club to help work on specific aspects of a golf swing, like tempo, swing path, and swing speed.
Shag Tube/Bag A shag tube or bag is a container that holds 15 or more golf balls and makes it easier to pick them all up at the park, chipping/putting green, or anywhere else they like to practice.
Golf Net A golf net can be set up easily in a yard, garage, or park to allow golfers to get full-swing practice without buying a bucket of balls at the range or paying a green fee.
Golf Apparel Everyone needs golf clothes, but new golfers will be especially appreciative since they likely won’t have as many outfits as those with more experience.
Hitting Mat Using a golf net, you’ll need a hitting mat to simulate turf. There are many options, some with varied turf lengths to help you practice hitting out of them.
Impact Bag Impact bags allow your child to practice their full-speed swings and improve accuracy at impact. These bags simply sit there and take the club’s impact so they don’t have to hit a golf ball.
Divot Feedback Mat/Board A divot feedback mat or board can be used wherever your child can swing a golf club, and it allows them to analyze their divot pattern, using it to understand how their swing path and impact trajectory can be improved.

Golf Apparel

Golf apparel is easier to understand, and the items that would be listed here are fairly straightforward. So, instead of a list, we’ll go over some purchasing strategies to make sure you get your child something that will last.

When buying golf gear for kids, go for quality over quantity. A comfortable golf shirt made of a breathable, high-quality, moisture-wicking activewear material is worth more to a golfer than two or three shirts made of cheaper, heavier material. The same goes for even less thought-of articles of clothing like socks and underwear. If you’re on a budget, one or two premium pieces of clothing will last longer and provide more comfort than trying to fill a bigger gift box, and your child will appreciate the extra thought.

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