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Golf Sale in Progress!

It is that time of year again, the 2015 Roger Dunn Golf Santa Ana tent sale is here! Every year golfers’ from around Southern California get together for our tent sale in Santa Ana. Here, golfers’ have the opportunity to SAVE BIG for the end of 2015 so they can have a strong season in 16. Our facility in Santa Ana is one of the biggest in the world and we have over 20 vendors on-site for all three days so finding the desired club will be a piece of cake. Roger Dunn is also backed by a 90 day 100% satisfaction guaranty on all club purchases so you can try out your new equipment and return it for store credit towards equipment that you think would be a better fit for you.  Golfer’s describe it as “Golf heaven.”

Adidas Boost Trailer

The Adidas Boost Trailer is a new feature this year. Adidas Golf is offering a new revolutionary Techmed3D foot scan. The Techmed3D foot scan allows you to get an in-depth look into how your foot fits in a shoe. They Scan your feet and a model shows up on the Techmed3D software. Adidas has informed us that 78% of men that they have tested are wearing the wrong shoe. Most men buy a shoe that is most likely one size larger than the size they should be in. With this new technology, golfers’ shouldn’t have a problem getting the right fit for those long 18 hole walks.

Techmed3D Foot Scanner System – Adidas

For more information on the 2015 Roger Dunn Golf Santa Ana Tent Sale, Please Visit: 2015 Tent Sale