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Greg Norman – Buried Lie on Lip of Bunker

Let’s face it, we all have bad shots or those shots that put us in a tricky position. Bunker shots, in particular, are difficult as is but factor in a buried lie close to the lip of a bunker and they can seem almost impossible. In this Play Better Golf segment, Tour pro and Cobra staffer, Greg Norman, has a few tips to help you get out of trouble and save par (or make birdie) from difficult lies in the bunker.

Greg Norman: Okay, have you hit the panic button yet? You’ve hit your second shot. You’ve come up short. You buried yourself under the lip. What do we do? Well, there’s a combination of a lot of things. Combination of practice, your ability, trust, execution and quite a bit of Technology.

I’m going to lay the golf club back behind the ball. The clubface now is the loft that’s almost 90 degrees which is what this clubface, which is what the face of the bunker is. It’s almost 90 degrees. I am going to drive this leading edge of my hosel in underneath the ball with a really strong shoulder turn and I want that golf club to keep driving in, into the slope to lift that golf ball up out of this bad lie.

So we get our feet very very solid. I’ve got to have one foot out of the bunker. I lay that clubface back, put it right underneath the hosel, leading edge, right behind the golf ball. Get myself solid. Get my shoulders a little tilty so I can follow the slope up a little bit to help lift the golf club ball up a little bit more.

And remember, like I said, make sure that shoulder turn keeps driving into the slope, get yourself solid, take a deep breath, relax, and here we go. Up and out, not that close, at least we got it on the green you