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Greg Norman – Lob Shot Over A Tree

Could Cobra Golf have titled their video instructional series  anything better than “Bad Breaks With Greg Norman?”

If anyone knows anything about bad breaks, it’s the “Great White Shark.”

And these videos, about recovering from bad breaks on the course, are fantastic.

Case in point below, as Norman shows how to hit a lob shot over a tree.  Good stuff, Greg.

And if you cannot get enough of Norman, check out our Golfbetter Podcast (Episode #166) when the Shark spent some time with us a couple of years ago, on our website or subscribe free on iTunes.

Greg Norman:   Okay. Every golfer’s nightmare. We’ve missed hit our second shot to a green. We’re probably 25 yards from the flag. We’ve got a tree in front of us. We’ve got a fairly tight line. What do we do? We have a couple of options. One would be chip out, get it on the green, and try and minimize our big score, or if you think you’re brave and you think you’re good enough, you can use technology of these Cobra golf clubs.

They’ll help you get the ball up and over this tree. We have the bounce of the golf club nice and narrow. We have the scalloping out on the back here, which allow you to lay the club face back, and get that leading edge underneath the ball. We have the technology, the leading edge that sits right here that we’re going to get underneath the golf ball as fast as we can to get it up and over the tree. How do we do that?

We lay the club face back behind the ball. My 57-degree loft is gone now to about 60 degrees, and my leading edge is right underneath the back of the golf ball. From this position here, I take my normal grip, natural position. My stance is a little bit wider. As I take the club head away from the ball, I’m going to take it back low and slow with good shoulder rotation. I’m not going to break my wrist. We get it on the green. We one putt. We saved our butt.

Courtesy: Cobra Golf