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Hank Haney – Gate Drill For Solid Irons

Having trouble finding the center of the club face with your irons? Hank Haney has a simple drill that will have you hitting the most solid iron shots of your life, courtesy of Callaway Golf.

Hank Haney: Hank Haney here with a pro tip, powered by Callaway. This tip is for somebody who’s a beginning golfer, but it could be used by any golfer, because this is a great tip for anyone. It’s called the gate drill. I’m going to put two tees down, and I’m going to put one on the outside of the club head, and one on the inside of the club head.

The idea is, is that you’re going to swing in between the gate, and if you do, you’re going to be guaranteed that you’re going to hit the ball somewhere near the center of the club face, which is going to give you more distance and better accuracy. You can do that tip with a driver. You can do it with a 7-iron. You can do it with a wedge. You can even do it with your putter.

I’ve got two tees down on the ground. Now the object is to swing in between those two tees. Start with it wider to begin with, and then you can narrow it up as you get better. If I hit the inside tee, I’d hit off the toe. If I hit the outside tee, I’d hit off the heel. But if I swing the golf club in between those two tees, I’m guaranteed to hit the ball in the center of the club face. And the idea is, you hit the ball, and then you hit the turf. And I hit the turf in front of those tees, that will make sure that I get solid ball-turf contact, along with a center hit.