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Hank Haney – Hitting the Perfect Pitch Shot

Hank Haney shows you how to hit perfect pitch shots with the new Callaway Sure Out wedge.

Hank Haney:  Hank Haney and Randy Peterson here with a little tip on how to hit the perfect pitch with the new Sure Out sand wedge. Randy, you designed some features into the wedge to make it easier to pitch, the cambered sole-

Randy Peterson:  Yeah.

Hank Haney: The grooves on the face, talk about it just a little bit.

Hank Haney with the Sure Out Wedge from the sand (photo

Randy Peterson: We have a wider sole, camber on the sole, the bounce in the optimum position. If you hit a little bit behind it, the average golfer that gets a little nervous and maybe hits a little bit behind it, if they have too little of bounce they typically dig, or too much bounce, they’ll bounce up into the ball and skull it. With this, you can hit a little bit behind it, it’ll stay low and move through the grass and you’ll still get a good shot.

Hank Haney: You don’t have to open the club face?

Randy Peterson: Don’t have to open the face at all, you don’t have to take it outside, please don’t take it outside and cut across it, just take it straight back, square face, ball in the center of your stance.

Hank Haney: Pretty good for me.

Hank Haney with the Sure Out Wedge from the fairway (photo

Randy Peterson: Yeah, and the other thing Hank with this, the grooves are machined, so you can see that ball spin.

Hank Haney:  Yeah.

Randy Peterson: We machined the grooves, you get a tighter tolerance than if you cast the grooves in, so you get a lot of spin on this wedge too.

Hank Haney: It definitely performs, I mean it’s nice when you have the confidence that you know what, hey if I hit a little bit behind it, I still got some forgiveness and that’s what this sole does.

Randy Peterson:  Exactly. That’s what it’s meant to do. You’re going to get the same shot almost if you hit a touch behind it or catch it perfect.

Hank Haney:  And you don’t even have to open the face.

Randy Peterson:  No, especially no.

Hank Haney:   Amateurs hate to open the face, so that’s a good relief for them.

Randy Peterson: Yeah.