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Hank Haney – How To Hit A Flop Shot

Hank Haney shows you how to hit flop shots with the new Callaway Sure Out Wedges.

Hank Haney: Hank Haney and Randy Peterson here, talking about the Sure Out Sand Wedge, a brand new wedge from Callaway, hitting a flop shot.

Randy Peterson:  Yeah, scary.

Hank Haney: That’s scary. Amateur golfers don’t want any part of a flop shot.

Randy Peterson:  No. Two things I hate to do: open the face and cut across it.

Hank Haney:  Yeah.

Randy Peterson: You just lose control completely. With the Sure Out you don’t need to do either one. You play it square.

Hank Haney:  Yep.

Randy Peterson:  You need need to cut across it. Just set up normally because of the way we’ve cambered the sole, because of the width of the sole, because of the way the balance is on there, all you got to do is set up normally, take it straight back with the face square, release it, and you’ll get right under the ball. If you hit a little bit behind it, it’ll move through, it’ll still go up fine.

Hank Haney: I’ve got the 64 degree Sure Out.

Randy Peterson: Right. There’s 64 and a 58. That one, in a flop shot, you can get straight up in the air. It’s awesome.

Hank Haney:  I love it.

Randy Peterson: Hit one.

Hank Haney: All right. I’ll try it.

Randy Peterson: Well it just goes right up in the air.

Hank Haney:  It’s amazing because this is a wide sole, but I hit behind that. It wasn’t the greatest live for me. I hit behind the ball. It still popped up in the air. There’s a lot of forgiveness in this club.

Randy Peterson: Yeah, and the idea is to get the sole with spin but also the camber of the sole, and the balance right, so that you don’t even get too wide with so much bounce and if you hit behind it, it’ll bounce up into the ball and you’ll skull it. We’ve got everything just right on this sole and it goes through the turf just beautifully.

Hank Haney: You can hit a flop shot without putting the club face open.

Randy Peterson:  Without cutting across it.

Hank Haney: Those are two good keys for sure.

Randy Peterson: Simple. Yep.

Hank Haney: Yep. Very simple.

Randy Peterson: Yep.