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Hank Haney – Make More Putts

If you’re struggling with your putting, it could very well be because of where you position the ball in your stance. Hank Haney has a few bits of putting advice that should lead to a more consistent stroke, courtesy of Callaway Golf and Odyssey Golf.

Hank Haney: Hank Haney here to talk to you about the new O-Works putters from Odyssey with the Microhinge technology. It’s absolutely fantastic. Gets the ball rolling faster. That’s what you want to make more putts, to have more distance control. The whole thing is so important. Here’s what happens on a normal putt. You hit the putt, the ball hops in the air, then it skids, then it rolls. The faster you can get the ball rolling, the better off you are.

What the Microhinge insert does is it allows you to grip the polyurethane of the golf ball and it gets the ball rolling faster. Now what most people do when they bounce the ball on the putting green a lot is they hit down too much. Ideally, when you contact the ball, you’re contacting it right at the low point of the arc and you’re coming up as you come through. That’s going to give you more forward roll, and a better forward roll, an earlier forward roll.

The Microhinge technology is going to help you with that forward roll no matter what. But if you’ll apply this tip right here, it’s going to really get your ball rolling good. You’re going to notice a big, big difference.

Make sure, first off, that your ball position is forward in your stance. You want it at least at your big toe of your front foot. Then what you want to feel is, as you hit through the shot, you want to feel a little rocking motion of your shoulders. My right shoulder’s going under like this and my putter is coming up as I come through. That’s going to give you a great roll on the golf ball. You’re not going to believe how the ball rolls with the Microhinge technology on the O-Works putter from Odyssey.