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Rapsodo launch monitor boasts precision performance and value

Mobile launch monitors continue to evolve and improve. Only recently, however, have optimal performance and excellent value been mentioned together in the same sentence. That’s the category where you’ll find the new MLM2PRO from Rapsodo, the successor to the MLM1 that promises to impress by every measure.

“The MLM2PRO was designed to provide unmatched accuracy in key golf metrics, allow users to see more of their golf swings, as well as the ability to get more golf (with simulation) in their life,” said Jacy Jackson, Rapsodo Senior Product Manager. 

The MLM2PRO bears similarities to the original model but is very different in terms of the actual hardware. The unit is equipped with dual optical cameras plus doppler radar to deliver precise measurements. The MLM1 has 10 total metrics; the MLM2PRO has 13 metrics, six of which are directly measured, including spin rate and spin axis (with Callaway RPT Chrome Soft golf balls).

The dual optical cameras also enhance the range or simulation experience for golfers, allowing for multiple visuals of their swing as well as ball and club contact.  

“Since the MLM2PRO is equipped with its own cameras, golfers can pair their phone or tablet and use that device’s camera for an additional view of their swing. We call this feature Swing Vision, which allows for one down-the-line view from the MLM2PRO and then an additional view from anywhere the golfer wants to place the paired unit.” Jackson said.

While Swing Vision allows for golfers to see multiple angles of their golf swing, the MLM2PRO also provides enhanced views of the ball and club contact with its Impact Vision feature. 

“The Impact Vision camera captures 240 frames per second for easy analysis of a player’s moment of truth as to where they are making contact with the ball,” Jackson said.

“For golfers wanting to get more golf in their life, the MLM2PRO also provides simulation, so you can easily play 30,000 golf courses from the comfort of your own home. As part of the simulation experience, we also offer a 3D driving range, plus the unit is compatible with Awesome Golf and E6 Connect,” said Jackson.

MLM2PRO is compatible with both Android and Apple phones and has already been distinguished with multiple awards from leading golf publications for its accuracy and multitude of features.