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Hitting a Draw – Webb Simpson

Driver is not always the wisest choice off the tee, especially when you know how to draw and fade the ball.  In this tip, Titleist Brand Ambassador Webb Simpson demonstrates how he hits a draw with his 917F fairway metal, a great option off the tee when the wind is helping and there’s trouble long on doglegs.

Webb Simpson: I’m Webb Simpson, and this is Titleist tips from the tour. Here we are on a dogleg left par 4 and I’m trying to decide between driver and 3-wood. The winds blowing right to left. With my Pro V1, I can use the wind to my advantage. In order to keep it short of the right bunker, which is about 290 yards, I’m going to choose my 3-wood and with this wind I’m going to choose to turn the ball right to left with the wind which will actually give me a few more yards.

Now for me to shape this shot right to left I want to explain how to do it, it’s very simple. All I’m going to do is my set up is a line further right kind of where I want the ball to start. I want to start it towards those bunkers so I’m going to aim 5 to 10 yards right of where I normally would and from here, all I’m going to do is alter my path a little. I’m going to swing a little more in-to-out or swing a little “in-to-right” as we call it. So I’m swinging out towards where I want the ball to start and with this draw I’m going to swing out for those bunkers and hopefully the ball turn right to left.

Every choice matters especially in the golf ball you choose choose the best to your game.