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Hitting from Uneven Lies

On the practice range, every lie is level, but when you bring your game to the golf course, most of the shots that you play are going to be from an uneven lie. It’s no secret that placing your tee shot in the perfect position is going to help you set up the ideal approach into the green but what should you do if you end up with an awkward lie? In this Play Better Golf Segment, Titleist brand ambassador, and professional golf instructor, Michael Breed, shows us step by step how to make the most out of our given lie.

Michael Breed: One of the reasons why it’s very difficult for you to bring your practice range success to the golf course is that when you get to the golf course you’re not playing on a level lie.

We have a ball that’s above our feet, in other words, the property is going this way, but it’s also going this way so what’s going away from us so what we need to do is we need to make some alterations. One of them is we’re going to grip down on this club a little bit. One of the other things that we have to do, because the balls is above our feet, the spine angle is going to get more upright. That’s going to take the arc and it’s going to flatten it. We need to move the ball back into the stance at that point.

So when I get set up to hit a shot that the ball is just above my feet, I’m going to aim a little bit to the right because the ball is always going to go to the low side of the hill. The last thing we have to do is we have to marry up this lie that we have of the downhill, and all that we have to do in order to be successful with this is get the shoulders level to the slope.

So I would pick a high target that’s right above the purple tree on the right side of the green, the ball is in the back, I’m a little bit closer, and my shoulders are angled downhill and now I’m ready to go.

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