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Hitting The Mark

Rangefinders and GPS units get big boost this year

The February announcement that players will be able to use rangefinders during competition for the first time during all of the PGA of America’s major championships in 2021 was met with excitement among the millions of amateurs who love golf and rely on the devices to play better and enhance their enjoyment of the game. 

When the PGA Championship tees off May 20-23 at the Ocean Course in Kiawah Island, S.C., it will mark the first time that rangefinders will be allowed in competition in any professional event. If you’ve never used a rangefinder, the devices can be a game-changer, providing exact yardages for smarter decision-making on the course while also eliminating wasted time walking off yardages from the nearest sprinkler head. Here, we take a look at four popular models that can help take your game to the next level. 

Bushnell Tour V5 Patriot Pack Rangefinder – One of the best-selling rangefinders on the market packs plenty of features at a reasonable price. The unit vibrates and illuminates a red circle in the viewfinder when you have locked into the pin, and ensures accuracy within one yard. It also attaches magnetically to the bars supporting the roof of any golf cart, making it easily accessible throughout your round. Bushnell’s V5 Shift model includes slope compensation that provides the true “plays as” distance for uphill or downhill shots, which can be switched off for tournament play if necessary. The brand’s top-of-the-line model even includes measurements for temperature and barometric pressure – a useful feature for those buddy trips to the mountains and locking in your distances in higher-altitude locations. Click here to Shop for Bushnell.

SKYCADDIE SX500 HANDHELD GPS – What good is a golf GPS unit if the definition on the screen makes it difficult to read or the numbers aren’t large enough to see easily without squinting? The latest model from SkyCaddie offers one of the most brilliant displays on the market, along with large numbers and a speedy processor. It also offers incredible detail on pin placements, and perhaps the most unique feature is that it adjusts orientation for your location on the course. So if you push your tee shot far into the right rough, you’ll get an accurate depiction of your approach into the green. The SX500 also offers shot tracking, so you can analyze each round and go into your next 18 holes armed with data that may improve your scores. CLICK HERE TO SHOP FOR SKYCADDIE

PRECISION PRO NX2 RANGEFINDER – The NX2 is a terrific option that offers exceptional functionality, and it’s at a comfortable price point for golfers who may be looking to incorporate a rangefinder into their game for the first time. It’s accurate to within 1 yard from as far as 400 yards out, features six-times magnification and quickly and easily locks in to the pin. The more expensive NX9 model adds pulse vibration technology and a magnetic cart mount, and Precision Pro also offers a version of the NX9 that factors in slope. CLICK HERE TO SHOP FOR PRECISION PRO.

BUSHNELL WINGMAN GPS SPEAKER – Whether you enjoy Darius Rucker of Hootie and the Blowfish or love rocking out to Alice Cooper while you bomb drives (both musicians, by the way, are noted golf enthusiasts), music on the course has become an accepted part of the game in recent years. While there are many options for bluetooth speakers out there, only Bushnell’s Wingman offers a detachable remote that gives audible yardages to the front, center and back of the green. So enjoy your tunes and get accurate distances for every shot you play while you keep positive swing thoughts in your head. CLICK HERE TO SHOP FOR WINGMAN GPS SPEAKER.