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New Tour World irons set to make their debut

honma-tw737_v_7iHonma Golf is about to embark on another journey with its Tour World irons as the new TW737 P and TW737 V are about to make their debut.
So what’s all the buzz about?

The TW737 P irons are perfect for any player seeking a tour-proven design with an amazing blend of distance, forgiveness and superior feel. Featuring a slightly larger head and a low center of gravity, these irons boast a larger sweet spot and added forgiveness so even when you miss the center of the club face, you won’t miss your target.

The TW737 V series is a forged, precision-crafted iron made from a proprietary soft-iron material that is specially formed to enhance the strength of the head. The result is added distance and accuracy on off- center hits.

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This article was republished with permission from Worldwide Golf Insider’s October-November 2016 edition.  To read the entire insider, please click HERE.