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How Far Should I Stand from the Golf Ball When Putting?

We are all told that you should have your eyes over the ball when putting but what most people don’t know is that the distance you are away from the ball is just as important as having your eyes over the ball. In this Play Better Golf Segment, Odyssey Staffer, Travis Fulton, discusses the importance of your distance from the ball when it comes to hitting more consistent putts.

Travis Fulton: Hey there. Travis Fulton here, time for another Odyssey Roll Call. Want to give you a tip the next time you’re out with that putter, and it’s distance from the golf ball. What I find is most people stand too close to it. We get in here, we know we got to get our eyes relatively over it or maybe just inside it but then we get our feet in there too close and watch my weight it goes back to the heels like this.

Now, from here if I went too far away, watch this, my eyes back over it. Now, I’m on my toes. Try to find that happy medium. Get in there where you feel like you’re adequately bound forward, your eyes are roughly over the ball, and you feel like you’re right in the center of the feet. That feels good.

That allows me to bend my elbows a little bit, kind of roll them in and this will give you a really good chance to improve the path of the putter head and make more putts. So I work often with players to get the right distance from the ball because it will help you hit it right in the center of the face