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How Phil Mickelson Uses Triple Track When Chipping

Take a tip from Phil on utilizing Triple Track technology from Callaway Golf when practicing your chipping.

Working with these balls will help you see what the ball’s rotation is after impact and helps you to keep the face square. Almost like having an alignment aid on your ball.

Take a look at this short tip from Phil below, give it a try and see for yourself.

I love using triple track and chipping because I can actually see what the balls rotation is doing. And it helps me with positive feedback. I don’t like chipping with just an all white ball now, so I like to put the lines across so I can see how the ball is.  Spinning if there’s a little bit of backspin or whatnot. I like having them straight to see if the ball has a little bit of cut spin, or if I’m able to keep the backspin a little bit more square.  I like having them just on. It doesn’t even have to be perfectly on there. I’m able to see what the ball’s rotation is doing. 


So I like shipping with the all the triple track just to have it so I can see the the rotation is an all white ball. I don’t like it anymore.