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How to Add Power to Your Drives

The game of golf today has evolved. Every golfer (amateurs and professionals alike) wants to hit it further off the tee, and the only way to do that is to generate more power in your swing. In this Play Better Golf segment, one of the top teachers in the world and Callaway staffer, David Leadbetter, gives us some helpful tips to generate more power with your swing and ultimately add distance to your tee shots.

David Leadbetter: Hello there, I’m David Leadbetter, let’s talk about power with the driver. Everybody wants it this baby a long way, certainly even in professional golf today, the game is a power game. Well, how do you get power? Well, basically what you’ve got to do you’ve got to stretch more okay. By that I mean you’ve got to turn and wind up and load. If you just do this sort of thing without any sort of real coil you’re not going to create any power no matter how fast you try to propel your hands and your arms.

So when you set up to the ball here’s a little tip. Just pull your right foot back a little bit. Many of the greats Ben Hogan, Sam Snead did this. So stand a little close, pull that right foot back, and then make sure as you swing back you turn your right side out of the way. You really want to get your right side behind you, and if you can get your right side behind you, that means you’re going to stretch those core muscles and it’s going to give you so much more power. So wind that for power. So sit up to it pull that right foot back, stay relaxed there, and then wind that right side behind you. If you can do that you should pick up about I don’t know 50 yards.