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How to Choose a Driver that is Right for You

We recently reached out to Worldwide Golf Shops Marketing and Purchasing Assistant Nate McDonough to learn his top 3 tips for golfers when it comes to choosing the right driver.193905-M2 FW3 3_4 HQ-e43484-large-1453429530

  1. Get Fit. I liken getting fit for a golf driver to going to a tailor for a suit – the attention to detail of an expert makes for a much better fit. A club fitter can prioritize the swing metrics to hone in on what is affecting your swing the most. An additional perspective may also open your selection to technology that you hadn’t considered yet. The beauty of a fitting is that nothing is left up to chance, as you get to see direct comparisons and measure the results.
  2. Bring your “Gamer” driver for comparison. Bringing along your old driver to compare is important for two reasons: It gives a sense of comfort when starting out the fitting process, and also provides you and the club fitter a baseline for your swing metrics – things like ball speed, launch angle and distance.
  3. Make the game easier!  We all want to hit the ball farther. However, most of us would benefit more by hitting it the same distance, but more frequently. Whether the struggle is with accuracy or launch conditions, a new driver is the time to address it. A fitter will ask for your most common misses in order to determine what best suits your game.

With the number of options on the market, combined with more adjustability than ever, there’s something for nearly everyone.

This article was republished with permission from Worldwide Golf Insider’s October-November 2016 edition.  To read the entire insider, please click HERE.