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How to Hit a Controlled Iron Shot

A major problem that is seen a lot of times with amateur golfers is that they are too quick off the ball and have a very long backswing. In this Play Better Golf segment, Ladies European Tour player, and Callaway staff member, Carolina Martens, gives a straightforward, but an incredibly useful tip to help make better contact, be more consistent, and hit controlled iron shots.

Carolina Martens: Hi, I’m Carolina Martens, and I play on the Ladies European Tour. Every week, I play Pro-Am’s with a lot of amateurs, and I see the same mistakes often. The first mistake that I see is that they’re really quick and that their backswings are very long.

Like that.

Very difficult to make solid contact when you do that every time, but if you slow down the swing and you shorten the backswing, you can see that the impact position is a lot more controlled.


The next time you’re at the range, try this, and you’ll see that your golf game is going to improve tremendously.