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How to Hit a Draw – David Leadbetter

Are the dreaded “rights” still haunting your game?  Can’t seem to turn it over from right to left (assuming you’re a righty)?

Well, here are a few tips from one of the game’s best instructors, David Leadbetter.

Over the years, Leadbetter has built a virtual empire of golf instruction academies, and along the way, has been the “go to” swing coach for top players such as Nick Faldo, Nick Price, Michelle Wie and Ernie Els.

He joins us, courtesy of Callaway Golf, with these tips on “How to Hit a Draw.”

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David Leadbette:  Hi, I’m David Leadbetter. I want to talk to you about drawing shots today with your driver. There’s certain holes which require a draw, and you did it through your alignment. Basically, this is my target line here. This is my body line, which is aimed somewhat to the right. My club faces also slightly to the right, but about half the amount that my body line is aimed. Remember, say I’m aiming 10 degrees to the right here. The club face is aiming just 5 degrees to the right.

Basically, all I’m going to do is make a swing, and I think draw. That’s the key. You really want to be able to think draw. I also suggest if you try to hit a draw, tee off on the left side of the tee box. It’s much easier to visualize your shape, aiming to the right with my body. A little left to the right with my club. I’m going to feel like I’m swinging slightly in to out as the clubface closes, and that should produce a draw. Work on your alignment to work the ball.