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How to Hit a High, soft, Pitch Shot

There are many ways to play short shots around the green. You can play a shot that goes high and lands soft or a shot that goes low and runs out but it all depends on pin location. In this Play Better Golf segment, PGA Tour professional Makenzie Hughes shows us how to play a high, soft, pitch shot around the greens to give you shorter putts and shoot better scores.

Makenzie Hughes: I’m Makenzie Hughes, and this is Titleist Tips from the Tour.

So here we’ve got two options. We’ve got, you know, a low option, pump into the bank, and we could also go high, land it on the green and stop it quickly.

I’m going to trust my Pro V1x and go high here. I’m not risking it on the low shot. So if I’m going to try and play that higher shot, there are a few things that I want to do first.

First off, I want that ball off my left toe, so I want to get that ball up in my stance. The other thing I’m going to try and do is just lay the face open just slightly.

And then the last thing I try and do is I focus on a high finish.

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