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How to Hit Crisp Chip Shots

There are a number of factors to consider when playing short chip shots around the greens. The average golfer typically plays short chip shots with the ball too far back in their stance and with their weight too far back in the setup position. In this Play Better Golf segment, Ladies European Tour player, and Callaway staffer, Caroline Martens, offers some tips on making clean contact and playing crisp chip shots that stop on a dime.

Hi, I’m Carolina Martens and I’m from Norway I play on the Ladies European Tour and every week we play Pro-Ams with these amateurs. Often they ask me how do I get my wedges so crisp and why does it stop so quickly?
This is what I tell them. Often, they address the ball way too far back in their stance and with their weight too much back in their setup positions. I have my weight more forward and the ball also more forward in my stance, just like this.
Now keep the weight forward as well. That way the ball stops quickly. Let me show you again. I keep to weight forward, I address the ball further forward in my stance. Just like that, it stops every time. Try it.