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How to Hit the 50 Yard Pitch Shot

The mid-range pitch shot is one of the more important shots in golf. Whether you need to stick it close to get up and down for par, or you’re looking to take advantage of a layup on a par-5, knowing how to hit a 50-yard pitch is vital.

In this Play Better Golf segment, Titleist Brand Ambassador Brice Garnett checks in with some keys on proper ball position, setup and take away that will help you dial in your distance and improve your technique.

Hi, I’m Bryce Garnett, and this is Titleist tips from the tour. Today we’re going to talk about the 50-yard wedge shot. So many times during Pro-Ams and play back home I see amateurs with incorrect ball position. Today I want you to get the ball position a little further back in your stance, get your hands a little bit forward, and focus on taking the club back with width. And then following through with your body and hands moving left. This should help the ball come out a little lower with more spin and better distance control. I hope this too helps improve your game and lowers your scores.