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How to Make Short Putts Every Time

Draining a putt dead center of the cup from any distance can be one of the most gratifying experiences in the game of golf. But missing a short putt can be a dreadful moment that every golfer has experienced. In the Play Better Golf segment, former Tour pro and Callaway/Odyssey staffer, Ian Baker-Finch, gives us some helpful tips a to help you sink more short putts and improve your confidence with the flat stick.

Hi there, I’m Ian Baker-Finch with another Odyssey Roll Call. One of the keys to really good putting from short distances is to stay still. It’s not an athletic move, you don’t have to generate power. The putter face really only moves four or five inches back and through so there’s really no reason to miss these three footers but everyone does don’t they.

What I like to do start with three feet, that’s a putter length. Put a coin or a marker behind the ball. I’m going to rest the putter on that coin and I’m going to hold this putt or stroke this putt and instead of watching the ball go in the hole, I’m going to stay focused on that coin.

So just watch how still I remain. Points of my knees don’t move at all, my head’s dead still, and remember, the killer to missing these three footers is anxiety. If we can reduce the anxiety we can become much better on these short putts.

There’s really no reason to miss them. You read it, I know this putts dead straight, if you can keep that head still stroke the putt without looking you’d be surprised how much better you’ll be and you’ll gain a lot more confidence.