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Ian Poulter – Flop Shot over Bunker

Visualization and imagination is vital for Ian Poulter as he lobs his Pro V1x just clear of the vertical lip of a greenside bunker. His golf ball strategically lands on the fringe before riding a slippery down-grain ridge toward the back pin.

Ian Poulter: Approach the shot. Look at your lie, how is the ball exactly lying? Then work out how open you want to play the face. Visualize exactly where you want the ball to land. Visualize the flight of the shot you want to hit. If you visualized it properly, hopefully you can execute it to your plan.

Pro V1x can definitely do anything I want it to do. The feel of this ball being very soft, you can actually feel that in impact. You can feel the grooves just biting into the cover slightly. That again, for field type shots around the green, that’s exactly what you want.