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The Importance of Custom Fitting

Whether you’re a new golfer trying to wade through oceans of information to find the right set of clubs for your game or you’re a single-digit handicapper seeking the best new driver on the market for your swing, there’s no question that custom fitting is a vital part of the process.

Worldwide Golf Shops locations across the country offer this service for free, and at several stores, golfers can schedule one-on-one private fittings for a small fee. At the brand’s Superstores, there are also fitting bays dedicated to specific equipment manufacturers, with fitting staff specializing in those brands.

Dan Kupfer, a club fitter at Roger Dunn Santa Ana Superstore in Southern California, said it’s impossible to underestimate the importance of getting fitted before buying clubs – whether it’s just a new driver or a full set of irons. He estimated that the club fitters he works with in Santa Ana have 150-plus years of combined experience, and there’s no replacing the expert analysis they provide.

“It is absolutely crucial to get fitted for golf equipment,” Kupfer said. “We cover all the basics, from length and lie to grip size, shaft flex, and material. Then there’s the decision on which clubs to have in your bag and which brand and model is best for your game. We even look at proper gapping, so there aren’t any holes in your set.”

A custom fitting begins with gathering all the necessary data – from your shaft lengths to swing speed, ball speed, launch angle and more using the latest technology to capture the information. Getting fit for a full bag often takes up to two hours, focusing on driver for approximately 45 minutes, irons for 45 minutes and wedges for 30 minutes.

After a fitting, golfers can expect to have their new clubs in hand within 10 days.

“It can make all the difference in the world,” Kupfer said. “If by getting you properly fit, we can knock one or two shots off your round, then all of a sudden a player who’s not breaking 80 might have the ability to do that.”