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Improve Your Iron Distance Control

In order to control distance on golf shots, some players choose to shorten or slow down the tempo of the golf swing. This may work in some instances but it brings in the possibility of inconsistent shots and not being able to correctly control your yardages. In this Play Better Golf segment, Tour pro, and Srixon staffer,  Graeme McDowell, gives us a simple, yet helpful tip to improve your iron distance control and start playing your best golf yet.

Graeme McDowell: Hey guys, I’m Graeme McDowell here today with Srixon Golf talking about iron play with Srixon’s award-winning Z series irons. Distance control, a huge key, what separates the best in the world from the average players. You know for me, I’ve always controlled my distance I feel like I’ve, distance control has always been a big strength of mine. We’ve got seven iron here today, you know a flat out seven iron for me he’s probably around 170 yards, you know. If I want them to take some distance off that, I feel like I do it with the grip, you know. I really feel like an inch gripping down the shaft will give me about five yards reduced yardage so it turns out 7-iron in about 165 club and if I continue a little further down, probably two inches down the grip, pretty close to the steel, I’m turning that 170 club into about at 160 club. So it’s a really great way for you to maintain the acceleration in your swing, you’re not having to kind of decelerate at all to take yardage off you can just do it with with the length of the shaft and be able to turn that 170 club into the 160. I’ll grip all the way down to the steel, pretty much just put the same swing on and I know through my own practice and really working on that, that that’s around at 160 flight. Also having a golf ball you can trust, having the right spin conditions, the right launch conditions, I’m a Z Star XV guy I really trust that ball in the wind and I know that you know when I when I plug in the right numbers and the right at the right swings that the ball will perform and go to the yardage as I expect it to go.