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In Good Hands – Find the Grip for You


Elevate your golf game with expert tips on choosing and maintaining the right grips

When it comes to optimizing performance on the course, upgrading your golf clubs to take advantage of the latest technology or working with a pro to improve your swing are two paths to game improvement.

But one of the unsung heroes in a player’s arsenal is their golf grips. Selecting and maintaining the right grips are critical for every golfer, as it can significantly enhance swing speed and promote consistent ball-striking. An optimal set of grips instills a sense of confidence – an invaluable asset for any golfer. With that in mind, here are 5 things you should know about your grips and some of the best available at Worldwide Golf:

When is it time to change grips?

Although durable, golf grips are not designed to last a lifetime. They call for replacement approximately every 40 rounds on average. The telltale signs of a grip begging for replacement? Observe the grip’s feel. If it feels slick and moves in your hands during the swing, it’s time for a change. Appearance can also be an indicator – the presence of shiny areas or wear marks where your fingers or thumb hold the grip is a clear sign a replacement is necessary.

Maintaining your grips

To ensure your grips maintain their quality and longevity, don’t overlook the key aspect of grip maintenance. A regimen of cleaning with diluted dish soap and water every two to three months paves the way for removing dirt and oils that determine a grip’s lifespan.

How weather affects a grips performance

Under wet or humid conditions, non-corded rubber grips can seem slippery. Golfers frequently playing in such conditions may find a corded grip more beneficiary.

The importance of a proper fit

Amid all of these considerations, determining the grip’s proper fit is of paramount importance. A tip golfers might find handy is to match the grip size to their glove size, using an appropriate sizing chart. The middle finger on your lower hand should gently brush against the fatty part of your palm for correctly sized grips. Too much or too little space between the two implies an incorrect grip size, which can disrupt your game and swing.

Grip material matters

The materials utilized in grips account for different levels of control and feel. High-performance grips often employ natural rubber, renowned for its porous complexion enabling optimal moisture management. Golfers who prefer a softer touch might sway toward the comfort grips, made out of polyurethane. These add more cushion and provide more comfort during mis-hits.

Brands making their grip on the market

At Worldwide Golf, Winn, Lamkin, Golf Pride, and Super Stroke are considered among the top brands. Golf Pride, a longtime leader on all major professional tours, offers the highest concentration of real rubber. Winn is highly acknowledged for comfort, and Lamkin, the oldest major grip brand celebrating 100 years in business in 2025, blends performance and durability by incorporating a mix of real and synthetic rubber. Super Stroke, meanwhile, is the market leader in putter grips. The non-tapered grips enable less wrist action, facilitating a smoother stroke and square impact.

Performance-enhancing grips

The different types of grips these brands offer enhance performance in various ways. Golf Pride’s high-performance grips such as MCC, MCC Plus4, and Z-grip are excellent models. The Plus4, indicating a reduced taper, suggests that the bottom part of the grip is “built-up” equivalent to four extra tape wraps under the lower hand. These are designed to control the club face and mitigate the pull hook.

The Golf Pride CP2 grips are a popular choice, providing comfort, control, and durability besides having excellent shock absorption properties. The Golf Pride Tour Velvet and Tour Velvet BCT are the most favored among PGA Tour players.

Winn’s Dri-tac grip series is known for its tackiness and comfort as it uses polyurethane material.

The Lamkin Sonar grips, which provide a high level of shock absorption, also offer a unique fingerprint technology, increasing the grip’s tackiness and semi abrasive feel. The Lamkin Crossline series, on the other hand, is soft to the touch, but firm during the swing, appealing to a wide range of players.

SuperStroke’s Tour series is the company’s flagship grip family. Uniform in shape and non-tapered from end to end, they are commonly used. The SuperStroke Flatso grip, used by tour star Jordan Spieth, has a flat top half and rounded bottom, allowing the thumbs to rest effortlessly on the top of the grip. For those using an unconventional grip such as the claw, SuperStroke provides a variety of putter grip shapes for golfers to get the most out of their game.

Remember, the right grip not only boosts confidence but also influences performance, from swing speed to the precision of ball-striking. Also keep in mind that the grip is your only connection to the club, making its choice, maintenance, and fit non-negotiable elements in your quest to shoot lower scores.