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Iron Giants – Ping raises the bar with its all-new GMax and i-Series sticks

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With the recent launch of two innovative new irons the GMax and updated i-Series Ping has yet again proven its commitment to engineering and designing products that are consistently at the top of the game in performance. Ping’s i-Series irons have long had a reputation for a pioneering design that allows forgiveness without sacrificing performance. The new i-Series is a result of almost a decade of progression, making it the most advanced iron Ping
has ever released.
“The i-Series iron is an exciting evolution in its category, as it presents a new, appealing look while ensuring the performance golfers expect from an i-Series iron, including the ability to work the ball without sacrificing forgiveness,” said Pete Samuels, Director of Marketing Communications at Ping.

“With advancements in technology from both a design and manufacturing side, we’ve been able to evolve our designs in a variety of ways.” So what exactly is different about the new i iron? It’s the first Ping iron made with 431 stainless steel, which offers a much softer feel. It has a custom tuning port that’s strategically placed deeper in the cavity and lower on the face for improved sound and feel. And the lengths and lofts have been optimized, which increases distance and
promotes higher trajectories. The GMax iron features a 31-percent thinner face and top rail for increased flexibility as well as a lower center of gravity for higher launch and greater forgiveness. The innovation is ideal for players seeking more distance without losing accuracy or consistency. “The GMax delivers distance with
control, a rare combination for this type of iron,” said Samuels. “It flies high and long, and lands softly. The distance of the GMax will be a huge topic of conversation as golfers see the results.”

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Along with its recent new iron release, Ping has also debuted a few new products to help improve your short game. The glide eye sole (es) wedge joins the lineup of wedges next to the standard sole (SS) and thin sole (TS) Glide.
The new Cadence tr Ketsch mid putter has a 100-percent milled body and grooves, which are deeper in the center and more shallow toward the sides. And the new Cadence Craz-e-r putter features an improved full-length sightline for better alignment.

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