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It’s In The Genes

Mizuno utilizes swing DNA from thousands of golfers to help create the JPX 923 irons to go along with new wedges and putters

The all-new JPX 923 irons from Mizuno Golf are made with more than metal and steel. 

They’re made from the swing DNA of real golfers. Lots of them. The company based the JPX 923 irons on the swing DNA of some 350,000 players, and the result is five unique models that provide options for elite players, slow-swinging amateurs and everyone in between.

The models include the Forged, Tour, Hot Metal, Hot Metal HL and Hot Metal Pro, and the line is made using three specific metals – Nickel Chromoly, GF Forged HD Chromoly, and GF Forged HD 1025E. The new irons will be available on October 14 and are currently on pre-sale.

In addition to the irons, golfers looking to get their short game in shape have some intriguing new tools available thanks to Mizuno’s T22 wedges and M.Craft OMOI putters.

The T22 wedges are a grain-flow forged iron offered in three finishes and four grinds to appeal to golfers with nearly any preference. The spin-weighted blade design creates a higher consistent spin and a more penetrating trajectory, allowing for increased precision, spin control – and ultimately accuracy – on all types of wedge shots. 

The company’s new M.Craft OMOI putters are available in three models – a slant-neck blade, a plumber’s neck blade and a mallet – and feature a confidence-inspiring look along with improved technology to help you make more putts. 

Forged from premium 1025 carbon steel and CNC milled, using all the successful fundamentals of the original M-Craft models, the OMOI putters feature a heavier head weight to increase MOI for improved stability. 

Mizuno engineers balanced out the increased head weight with a lighter weight grip and shaft to shift the club’s CG and help control face rotation through the putting stroke.  

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