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Jordan Golf Shoes: Classic Styling Brought to the Course

The two featured Jordan golf shoes from this article

Brought to the Course

The two featured Jordan golf shoes from this article

Nike’s Air Jordan brand is iconic, though not originally known for its golf attire. First popularized in the mid-80s basketball market, the brand quickly became popular for its variations in streetwear and other athletic apparel. Nike’s key to success is a consistent quality standard they deliver across every market segment, and their Jordan golf shoes are no different.

Whether you want classic Jordan looks adapted for a golfer’s needs, or a shoe designed with a golf-first aesthetic, Jordan has options for you. In this review we’ll cover their two most popular golf shoes:

  • The Air Jordan 1 Low G
  • The Jordan ADG 4

Below, we’ll explore each design, including their target markets and specific features.

Air Jordan 1 Low G (MSRP $139.99)

The Jordan 1 Low G spikeless golf shoe

(Alt Text: The Jordan 1 Low G spikeless golf shoe.)

Easily one of the most popular Jordan golf shoes, the Air Jordan 1 Low G brings one of the most iconic Jordan shoe styles onto the golf course. With genuine leather, air pockets in the sole for cushioning, waterproofing (with a 1-year warranty), and a well-designed spikeless traction pattern, the Jordan Low 1 doesn’t feel like your typical golf shoe “clone.” Instead, it feels like a genuinely high-performing golf shoe that also happens to provide an iconic look.

As a result, while this shoe is aimed at golfers who are also Jordan enthusiasts, it also suits the needs of golfers at every level, up to and including the tour level. In fact, Tony Finau has worn these exact shoes on tour, proving that they aren’t just a fashion statement.

As spikeless golf shoes, they also have the added benefit of being wearable off-course– a desirable feature for shoes that look just as good at the 19th hole as they do on the course proper. Some golfers believe spikeless shoes have shorter longevity than spiked shoes. However, by the time the traction on the soles is worn down, most shoes should already have been replaced: as sole compression increases, the comfort and support decrease rapidly. 

The Jordan ADG 4 (MSRP $184.99)

The Jordan ADG 4 G spikeless golf shoe

(Alt Text: The Jordan ADG 4 G spikeless golf shoe.)

The ADG 4 is a Nike Jordan made specifically for golf, which is reflected in a more classic golf shoe design. Instead of the pebbled leather texture of the Jordan 1’s, the ADG 4s feature a smooth, supple, full-grain leather reminiscent of many classic golf shoes.

The insoles of this shoe include Nike’s React foam technology, providing next-level comfort and durability at an impressively light weight. The aggressive grip pattern also offers excellent traction. 

This is definitely a more golf-specific shoe than the Jordan Low 1 G’s, as they are lighter and provide a more aggressive grip. They still pay homage to past Jordans but also fit in among other, more traditional-looking golf shoes. This makes them better suited for golfers looking for a shoe that will keep them comfortable round after round. The grip pattern is a bit less stable on hard surfaces, though, which makes them less suitable for off-course activities.

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