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Jordan Spieth – Down Breeze Uphill Shot

The hole is 124 yards away and cut in the back left of the green. Jordan Spieth lands his Pro V1x at 118 yards with a hop and enough spin to check near the hole. “Now I just need to make the putt,” adds Spieth.

Jordan Spieth: Down breeze, off a little up slope and a down slope to the hole, needed to kind of bring it up high. I had 124 yards or so to the hole. I wanted to pitch it 118 or something, and so take that one big hop and get up next to pin high and check there on the flat. It’s maybe a foot or two of backspin.

For me, I’ve been playing this golf ball, and it’s been improved year in and year out. I know what’s going to happen with this golf ball. When I’m over the shot, all I’m worried about is the swing that’s needed in order to produce it.

When you get up there and you see the pitch mark, you can realize that you did what you’ve gotta do and now I’ve got to make the putt.