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Keys to the Half Wedge Shot – Tom Watson

There aren’t much better with a wedge than Tom Watson.

And not many better who have designed wedges than Roger Cleveland.

Here in Callaway Golf’s “Wedgeducation” series, Watson and Cleveland show us the keys to hitting solid half-wedge shots.

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Roger Cleveland:  Hi, I’m Roger Cleveland with legend Tom Watson. We’re going to show you a little bit of the short game, especially the first shot we’re going to do is the dreaded half shot. Tom tell us about that. Why is it so difficult for people?

Tom Watson:  The dreaded half wedge is difficult because people don’t realize that when you hit the ball you have to be on your left foot, just like in a full shot. You have to be on your left foot as you hit. The problem with a short swing is that if you start back with your weight in the back like this, you don’t have time to get to your left. What you’ll do, you’ll either [force it 00:00:38] like this or you’ll hang back on your right side.

What I teach people to do that have real problems with it is, pick the right heel off the ground at address, and then make your swing like that. It forces you to stay on your left foot and carry on through and hit the ball first on the down swing.

Roger Cleveland:  And finish the swing. You really stayed down through that shot and finished beautifully. In summary, keep the weight on the left side, stay down through the shot all the way through the shot till the finish.

Tom Watson:  Exactly.

Roger Cleveland:  MD3, get up and down from anywhere.

Video:  Courtesy of Callaway Golf