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King F8 Drivers Long on Innovation


By John Steinbreder of Global Golf Post

The new King F8 and F8+ drivers from Cobra Golf utilize a number of innovations designed to make these sticks the ultimate in distance and technology.

First, there is the fully machined driver face that employs a multidirectional CNC milling pattern. Company engineers say that allows them to achieve precise thickness and tighter tolerances, resulting in thinner and lighter faces that promote faster ball speeds. Aerodynamic trips around the perimeter of the clubfaces, they add, reduce drag through the downswing to increase clubhead speed, while the use of polymer material on those features enhances both center-of-gravity positionings for better launch and moment of inertia for improved forgiveness.

Drivers_10141411_gr-bAt the same time, a five-ply carbon fiber crown makes it possible for those technicians to move the CG even lower and deeper.

Another unique part of the King F8 and F8+ is their being equipped with something called Cobra Connect Powered by Arccos, with each driver boasting embedded Arccos sensors so players of each shot automatically and then track their improvements from round to round.

“At Cobra Golf, our engineers continue to push the envelope when it comes to innovation,” says Tom Olsavsky, vice president of research and development at Cobra. “And we believe the King F8 and F8+ drivers are truly a step into the future of the game.”

The King F8 comes with an oversized address profile made to offer more distance, forgiveness, and speed on off-center hits. And it features an adjustable weight system with two CG settings. As for the King F8+, it, too, has an adjustable weight system. But that driver is endowed with a more traditional clubhead shape and designed to produce a lower ball flight.

Republished with permission from Global Golf Post.