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Enhance your golf skills with Worldwide Golf Shops’ cutting-edge club fitting services

Golfers looking to elevate their game and play better golf have a powerful ally in Worldwide Golf Shops, which has been fitting customers for more 50 years. With a strong adherence to the benefits of custom fitting, the company’s stores offer state-of-the-art technology and expert guidance to help golfers find the perfect clubs for their swing.

To help fine-tune fittings and match golfers with the ideal clubs, Worldwide Golf Shops locations utilize Foresight Sports software and hardware, as it offers the most advanced and accurate golf club and golf ball simulation equipment on the market, says Retail Operations Manager Alex Valadez.

“We always try to find the best possible equipment for the golfer we are assisting, while maintaining our ‘Sure, no problem,’ mindset,” he said. 

Golfers have two club-fitting options at Worldwide Golf Shops stores: complimentary fitting in hitting bays and private fitting services. 

The complimentary fittings focus on static measurements and finding the proper model and flex to the player’s ability, while the private service allows for more custom options and fine-tuning the equipment.

The benefits of professional club fitting are numerous, such as improved performance, increased accuracy, and optimized ball flight, and Valadez said there are two key advantages of having it done at a Worldwide Golf Shops store location.

“One, we maximize the best equipment options for the consumer with respect to their budget,” he said. “Two, we utilize the best possible aftermarket components from each vendor to give our customers the most beneficial set of clubs for their game.”

Dispelling a common misconception about club fitting, Valadez said every player should get fitted, regardless of their skill level. 

“A runner still needs to be in the right shoe size to be able to jog effectively,” he explains.

For golfers considering a club fitting at a Worldwide Golf Shops store for the first time, Valadez encourages them to reach out to the sales staff or call locations in advance. 

“They will guide you in the right direction to help you figure out what fitting would best make sense for your game,” he said.