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M1 Has Launched!

TaylorMade’s M1 Series of Drivers, Fairways & Rescues.

Want performance from every swing? Then you want to check out the all-new, very adjustable TaylorMade M1. The “M,” which stands for Multi-Material technology, is the key to unlocking the performance of the innovative M1 drivers, fairways and rescues. Touted as TaylorMade’s longest clubs yet, the multi-material construction features an ultra-light, ultra-thin, high-strength carbon composite crown to maximize weight savings. This weight savings allows TaylorMade to build a weight-loaded sole and move overall club head weight and center of gravity lower for a more efficient transfer of power, which provides you more ball speed and greater distance. To customize ball flight, the driver has a T-Track System employing opposable weights. The front track features a 15-gram weight for draw, neutral, or fade setting, and the back track features a 10-gram weight to control trajectory for high, medium, or low ball flight to fit conditions.

TaylorMade claims it’s their longest driver yet. The M1 Driver unlocks breakthroughs in distance, playability, and feel for all golfers. Put it to the test at a Worldwide Golf Shop location near you and feel the power of M1.


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