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M2 Delivers High And Low

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Last fall, TaylorMade introduced the M1 driver, and company technicians used the weight savings that the club’s composite crown afforded them to develop an adjustable T-Track system in the sole to make it their “most fittable driver to date.”

More recently, they employed that same weight-saving technology to produce another entrant in the driver category, the M2. Only this time, they utilized the benefits of the lighter crown to lower the center of gravity and raise the moment of inertia in an effort to promote greater distance and forgiveness.

TaylorMade officials say they focused on two key performance features with the M2 to create a hotter and more expansive sweet spot. One was an Inverted Cone, and the other a revamped Speed Pocket. At the same time, they boosted MOI by toning down twisting at impact, which encourages longer and straighter shots on off-center hits.

In addition, they positioned the CG low and slightly farther back to promote higher launch. And while there is no adjustability on the sole of the M2, it does come with a 12-position loft sleeve that offers up to four degrees of loft manipulation.

What’s New? A TaylorMade composite-crown driver that allowed company engineers to lower CG and elevate MOI.

Who’s It For? Golfers more interested in adding distance and forgiveness on their tee shots, and less concerned with adjustability.

By John Steinbreder – Global Golf Post