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M2 Irons Fly High, Long

TaylorMade Golf's M2 Irons
TaylorMade Golf’s M2 Irons, available for pre-order at

TaylorMade officials used this year’s PGA Merchandise Show to introduce the company’s new M2 iron, a game-improvement club that is made to promote greater distance and a higher ball flight without compromising forgiveness or feel.

Company technicians say the added distance is achieved primarily by positioning the center of gravity lower and farther back in the clubhead. And they say they were able to do that by saving weight in other parts of the iron, with a new, fluted hosel design and an advanced top-line construction featuring a 360-degree undercut, and then redistributing mass to where it could be of greater benefit to golfers seeking approach shots that fly farther and higher, and land more softly on greens.

But those two properties were also enhanced through the incorporation of a newly designed Speed Pocket and a thin clubface with Inverted Cone Technology. In addition, engineers employed a 3D badge to manage sound and feel.

The M2 Irons from TaylorMade Golf
The M2 Irons from TaylorMade Golf, available for pre-order at

“The materials and technologies that went into the M2 iron allowed us to combine metalwood-like launch conditions with exceptional shot height and excellent control and feel,” says Tomo Bystedt, director of iron product creation for TaylorMade Golf. “In M2, we have achieved maximum distance and peak trajectory metrics to an extent that even shocked those of us who designed and engineered it.”

The equipment maker also used the show to introduce the M2 Tour. According to Bystedt, it boasts the same game-improvement features of the M2, but in a more compact package with less offset, to promote workability.

By: John Steinbreder – Global Golf Post