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Making an Impact

How to tell if you’re hitting the sweet spot   By Michelle Dube

The most common request I get from golfers during a lesson is they want more consistency.Michelle wood

To hit shots more consistently requires squareness of contact on the sweet spot of the club face.

Oftentimes where they think they are hitting the ball on the club face is NOT where it is actually making contact.

In some cases, I have had to place more than one piece of impact tape on the club to show them exactly where it made contact and where the ball went because of it.

The photos show a driver and an iron with impact tape positioned strategically to teach the student.

With the driver I had to place the impact tape on the top of the club, which is where they were hitting it, causing the ball to fly way too high and short.

michelle ironWith the iron, I had to place the tape on the hosel.

After each student saw this, they were then able to adjust their swing and hit the center of the impact tape.

My tip to improve consistency is to use impact tape when practicing. I use EZ Line impact tape, which has a unique design to show my students how to make solid impact with the club face to the ball. For more info, go to

Michelle Dube is the LPGA Master Teaching Professional at Tijeras Creek Golf Club.