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Cobra Golf unveils newest edition of T-RAIL hybrid-irons

If you want the best of both worlds with a hybrid and an iron all-in-one club, it may be time to take a ride on the T-RAIL.

The third-generation set combines the best attributes of a hybrid and an iron and features Cobra’s H.O.T Face Technology, an Artificial Intelligence design that helps deliver next-level ball speed and distance. The technology creates a variable thickness pattern in the club face that increases the sweet spot by 30 percent.

The latest version continues to utilize a hollow hybrid-iron shape with an innovative Hollow Baffler Split Rail Technology that gives players a combination of high launch, forgiveness and a boost in distance.

To ensure the most forgiving set configuration, T-RAIL is designed as a combo set that includes a 4-hybrid in place of a 4 hybrid-iron in the men’s set, while a 5-hybrid replaces the 5 hybrid-iron in the women’s set.