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Men’s Golf Bags with Stand: What Makes a Good Bag?

A premium men’s golf stand bag offered on the Worldwide Golf Shops online store

Getting a good golf bag is an important step in setting up more comfortable and convenient rounds of golf. The type of bag you get will dictate how easy it is for you to store all of your clubs, all of the gear that you need, and any refreshments necessary to keep you going during a long round of golf. One of the most common types of bags to buy are men’s golf bags with stand, but that doesn’t mean they are all the same.

There are plenty of bags out there, and they all offer different features and materials. Which specific bag is right for you is going to be a subjective assessment, but there are some measurables that every golfer should consider before buying a bag:

Club Storage Space The number of clubs that fit in the bag, as well as how many dividers are there to ensure the grips aren’t rubbing on one another too much
Gear Storage Space and Variety The number, size, and type of pockets included for things like valuable golf gear, balls, tees, and refreshments 
Material and Build Quality The quality of the materials used to create the bag, as well as the fit and finish of those materials when put together

Let’s dive into each, and what exactly golfers should be looking for.

Club Storage Space

One of the most important considerations is how many clubs fit in your bag. Typically, golf stand bags can hold a full set of 14 clubs. Now, this doesn’t mean they all have the same number of club dividers.

Bags often have fewer dividers than clubs you can carry within, meaning some clubs will have to share dividers. The more dividers a bag has, the more separated each club will be, which makes it easier to store and remove each club, and theoretically provides a bit more grip protection by keeping your grips from rubbing against one another as much.

Gear Storage Space and Variety

Outside of your clubs, there are still a ton of useful items that you’ll want to store in your bag. Things like rangefinders, tees, balls, gloves, and refreshments are all important to have on hand while on the course. When it comes to gear, storage space isn’t the only concern.

It is important to look at how many pockets a bag has, and how big they are, but it is also vital to consider what kind of pockets they have. Things like balls and tees can be carried anywhere without a problem, but valuables like phones and rangefinders benefit from soft-lined pockets that protect the screens. Snacks and drinks benefit from insulated pockets that help keep things cold. 

Look for bags that have not only enough pockets, but also the right pockets for your needs.

Material and Build Quality

As bags get more premium, features remain somewhat similar, but material and build quality improves drastically. While it may not seem like it when looking at the pictures, the material a bag is made from can make it stand out on the course, and it improves the bag’s longevity and protection of your clubs. Be looking for materials like genuine leather, or high-quality PU synthetic leather for better water resistance and durability.

While build quality is almost always good enough outside of extreme budget bags from off-label sellers on sites like Amazon, the level of build quality that more premium bags offer can make for a bag that you can keep throughout your entire golf career. Things like waterproof zippers, genuine leather zipper pulls, and high-quality stitching can ensure that a golf bag lasts longer and looks better.

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