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Mizuno Pro 24x Irons Series: 2024 Review

The Mizuno Pro 24x Irons Series

Mizuno irons are well-known in the industry for their consistent quality and variety. Each lineup usually brings a few different styles of iron, but all are geared toward experienced golfers looking for players’ irons. The Mizuno Pro 24x Irons series aligns with the previous generation, bringing three distinct models: The 241, 243, and 245.

Mizuno 241 Muscleback blade
Mizuno 243 Cavity back
Mizuno 245 Hollow body

To better understand which club is right for you, we will go over some of the key features and differences in these new 24x irons compared to those that came before them. Let’s dive into each and see what’s new, what has remained the same, and if the new formula looks promising for the high-level golfers they are meant to serve.

Mizuno Pro 241 Iron

 The Mizuno Pro 241 Iron.

Mizuno is considered a standard-bearer when it comes to blades, and the 241 promises to maintain this trend. Blade irons typically only boast small changes year-over-year, as much of what makes a blade attractive to the golfers that use them are the traditional shapes they tend to come in.

The primary changes made in the 241 are:

  • More mass behind the sweet spot to soften impact
  • A stronger difference in thickness between the high and low irons, providing lower ball flight in the short irons and easier ball flight in the long irons
  • Smaller blade size on the long irons than the outgoing 221s
  • New sole geometry to improve turf interaction
  • Tapered blade design to give a smaller appearance without sacrificing feel

These limited changes make the 241 largely familiar to those who used Mizuno blades in the past, with copper laid underneath the nickel finish to ensure these blades feel similar to any Mizuno blade made since the 80s.

Mizuno Pro 243 Iron

The Mizuno Pro 243 Irons.

The Pro 243 is a cavity-back iron, and while cavity-back designs are sometimes associated with forgiveness, these irons are designed specifically for tour players. This extends past their compact size and single-material construction, as the 243s boast some of the most significant changes of all three models.

To make the 243 irons work with the more modern trend of blended irons sets, Mizuno uses different steel for their high irons and their shorter ones. The 4-7 irons use 4120 chromoly steel to provide higher launch and more ball speed, and the 8-GW uses 1025E mild carbon to provide more feel and workability closer to the green.

Other differences include:

  • New wrap-around sole grind
  • Increased bounce angles
  • Shorter blade length relative to the 223
  • Larger micro-slots to improve ball speed and launch
  • Better loft blending into the shorter irons to avoid having to mix 243s with 245s 

Overall, the 243s have leaned toward a more aggressive blade size and shape, with improved turf interaction to make getting higher launch out of the longer irons easier without sacrificing feel. If you’re looking for a cavity back with a blade-like feel at impact, the 243s deliver this pretty effectively.

Mizuno Pro 245 Iron

The Mizuno Pro 245 Irons

The Mizuno Pro 245 is a hollow-body iron for the golfer who still wants a compact player’s iron shape at address. Many hollow-body irons use a larger head to create more speed and forgiveness at the cost of feel and control, but the Pro 245 leans toward workability and feel by reducing the blade length while still maintaining improved distance and stability when compared to the 241, 243, and even the 225s that they are replacing.

The smaller head size isn’t the only similarity between how the 243 and 245 changed– They also leverage different steel alloys in the higher and lower irons to mitigate the need to create a blended set. From 2-8 iron, 4135 chromoly steel (a slightly springier version of the 4120 used in the 243) for more ball speed and higher launch. From 9-GW, forged 1025E mild carbon makes a return to bring more feel and control into the shorter irons than is typical in hollow bodies.

Other changes include:

  • More tungsten behind the face to lower CG and improve launch
  • Multi-thickness CorTech face to increase ball speed and forgiveness on off-center strikes
  • New sole shape to improve turf interaction and provide a more compact look at address

The 245s are the only irons in the group that may appeal to mid-handicap golfers, and can serve as a great transition iron for golfers looking to get into tour-focused irons or Mizuno irons more generally.

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