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Mizuno ST-G Driver Review 2023

The Mizuno ST-G Driver.

Mizuno driver releases have been known for their adjustability and versatility over the past few years. They have made sure to offer driver options that work for everyone– but the one group of golfers that can be tough to cater to while maximizing options for everyone else are those with a lot of experience.

Low-handicap golfers have different needs than most other golfers. Many features designed to provide game improvement for the rest of the market get in the way of low-handicappers’ needs, like spin reduction and clubhead speed. So, Mizuno designed the ST-G to cater to their more experienced clientele.

In this Mizuno ST-G Driver review, we will cover:

  • Key features
  • Pros and Cons
  • Final Verdict

Let’s dive into each and better understand how well the ST-G meets their customers’ needs.

Mizuno ST-G Driver Key Features

While the Mizuno ST-G driver has been redesigned largely to meet better golfers’ needs, they have retained much of the adjustability present in previous models. This is welcome news, as adjustability is just as helpful for low-handicappers as those with mid-high handicaps. In some cases, even more so.

Compact 440cc Club Head A more compact clubhead brings better speeds for those with consistent contact looking to maximize distance off the tee.
Dual Sliding Weights Two sliding weights allow for spin and fade/draw bias adjustment.
New Beta-Rich Titanium Face A new lighter, faster face material was used to create a multi-thickness face for an average 1.5 MPH improvement in ball speed compared to the previous material.
CORTECH Chamberr Putting mirrors help you get a look at your stance and grip, and they feature alignment aids to help you straighten out your putting stroke. They come as cheap as $15.
Quick-switch Hosel Putting mirrors help you get a look at your stance and grip, and they feature alignment aids to help you straighten out your putting stroke. They come as cheap as $15.

Overall, these features create a driver, with enough adjustabilityand focus on  increasing distance and decreasing spin.The material upgrades make a noticeable impact not only on the club’s performance, but also the sound and feel. The adjustability features make the Mizuno ST-G one of the most configurable drivers on the market, especially among those geared toward low-handicappers.

Pros and Cons of the Mizuno ST-G Driver

While the ST-G has a lot going for it, there are still considerations to be made if you’re looking to purchase one. Every club has benefits and drawbacks depending on your skill level, and a model as targeted as this one is no exception.

Pros Cons
    • ✔ Low spin rate brings excellent distance
    • ✔ Industry-leading adjustability
    • ✔ Compact head with updated aesthetics looks incredible
  • ✘ Not a very forgiving driver
  • ✘ The loft adjustment sleeve looks a bit clunky

Mizuno ST-G Driver Review Final Verdict

The Mizuno ST-G performs exactly how it should for the audience toward which it is targeted. Low-handicap golfers will love the low spin, the compact head, and the adjustment allowing them to fine-tune their shot to meet the needs of the course they are on.

For mid-high handicappers, this will be a tough driver to hit consistently. The combination of a smaller head and forward CG can make it harder to get proper launch without consistently solid contact, and all the adjustability present isn’t going to be as useful if the golfer buying the driver isn’t consistent enough with it to establish a baseline to work from.

For the right golfer, though, this is an excellent driver.

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