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Mizuno ST-G Titanium Fairway Woods Review 2023

The Mizuno ST-G Titanium Fairway wood

Fairway woods are reliable tools for getting more distance off the deck on long par 4’s and 5’s and bridging the gap between your driver and long iron off the tee. This versatility makes fairway woods so important in a golfer’s bag, and picking the right one can make the difference between finding fairways and greens and having to chip out of the rough.

The newest Mizuno woods, the ST-G Titanium fairway woods, are positioned as a true player’s wood focusing on maximum workability and distance. They leverage a few different features to accomplish this, so we are going to cover the following in our review:

  • Key features
  • Pros and cons
  • Final verdict

Let’s dive into the ST-Gs and see what they offer to golfers.

Key Features of the Mizuno ST-G Titanium Fairway Woods

The following are some of the features that Mizuno promises will separate their fairway woods from the pack:

CORTECH Chamber The CORTECH chamber encases an internal weight with elastomeric TPU, taking stress from the clubface, generating more energy through the swing, and positioning weight closer to the face for spin reduction.
Full Body Titanium Face Construction Lightweight, high-strength titanium is used throughout the head to decrease weight and improve energy transfer at impact for higher ball speeds.
Ultra-Low Spin Construction The CORTECH chamber, an 80g stainless steel sole plate, and an 8g stainless steel front weight brings front-biased CG that reduces spin and increases distance.
Modern Player’s Pear Shape A compact head in a clean pear shape sits perfectly square at address, and ensures nothing gets in the way of transferring your swing speed into ball speed.
Quick-switch Hosel 4 degrees of easy loft adjustability.

These features all contribute to the Mizuno ST-G fairway wood’s identity as a player’s club that is meant to reduce spin and provide maximum distance and workability for high-swing speed golfers. With a combination of a compact form factor, and distance-focused CG, these clubs are meant to cater to the best golfers on the course. But how well do they live up to this ideal?

Pros and Cons

For those looking to buy a new fairway wood and considering the ST-G as an option, there are a few pros and cons to consider:

Pros Cons
Incredible distance
Decent adjustability
Nimble and workable
Not a very forgiving fairway wood
Simple gloss black head is a bit plain-looking at address

Overall, the Mizuno Woods excel at what they are designed to accomplish, but this means that those looking for an easier club to hit may be less thrilled by it. 

Final Verdict

The Mizuno ST-G Titanium fairway woods are a great option for low-handicap golfers but can perform well for mid-handicappers with higher swing speeds and consistent wood shots. These clubs were made to get as many obstacles out of the way of a long shot as possible, and they do a terrific job. This simply comes at the cost of forgiveness, which may make them tough to use for mid to high handicappers that struggle with consistent contact.

More game improvement-focused woods may better serve high-handicappers looking for more commitment to forgiveness or high launch.

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