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Mizuno T24 Wedges: 2023 Review

The Mizuno T24 wedges in all three available finishes.

Mizuno has always made quality golf clubs, and despite being known primarily for their irons, their wedges are no exception. They have consistently brought precise wedges with tremendous feel to the market, which makes them a popular purchasing option. The Mizuno T24 wedges are their newest release, and they promise to evolve even further in terms of precision, spin, and wet weather performance.

In this Mizuno T24 Wedges review, we are going to cover:

  • Feature highlights
  • Pros and cons
  • Who these wedges are best for
  • Final review

Let’s dive into each and get a better idea of what these wedges offer.

Feature Highlights

The following are some of the key features that separate the Mizuno T24 wedges from their competition:

Modified Teardrop Head Shape Mizuno’s classic wedge head shape is large enough to be easy to hit but small enough to be precise and maneuverable.
Tapered Blade Design By tapering the upper portion of the blade, the T24 creates incremental vertical MOI for a more consistent spin and a more solid impact feel.
HydroFlow Micro Grooves Laser-etched micro-grooves channel moisture and reduce spin drop-off.
Quad Cut + Grooves Mizuno optimized their groove geometry to maximize spin in all conditions.
Three Unique Finishes The Mizuno T24 wedges come in soft white satin, denim copper, and a raw silver finish.

These features give the Mizuno wedges an optimal ball flight and high arcing shots that stop on a dime. They perform well in wet weather as advertised, though there is still obviously a difference when hitting in suboptimal conditions. 

The three finishes the wedges come in all look incredible. The T24s aren’t gaudy with branding or special aesthetic cues, but the finishes make them stand out as pretty incredible-looking clubs.

Pros and Cons

While they are high-quality clubs, there are still some pros and cons of the T24s that buyers should consider before purchasing them:

Pros Cons
Workable and precise
Incredible feel at impact
Terrific looking clubs
Looks Head size may be a bit small for newer players
High price-point

Who the Mizuno T24s Are Best For

The Mizuno T24 Wedges are designed for mid-low handicappers who prefer a smaller head with more workability and precision over forgiveness. They provide incredible spin rates and any-weather performance, but the head is small, making it harder for beginner golfers to hit consistently. While any golfer can get used to the head shape over time, those who make more consistent wedge contact will find it easier to succeed with the T24s quickly after a professional golf fitting to select the proper shaft, lie angle, bounce, and grind.

Final Mizuno T24 Wedges Review

The verdict of our Mizuno T24 wedges review is:

They are excellent wedges. They provide tremendous value even at their higher-end price point, especially for those with mid-low handicaps needing the highest level of precision and spin. They feel and sound great at impact, are compact and workable, and compete with some of the best wedges on the market.

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