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Titleist introduces next generation of T-Series irons

Titleist has a bag full of treats to tout this fall, and the biggest news comes with a capital T.

The latest T-Series family of irons boasts four models – the T100, T100•S, T200 and T300 – all featuring new materials, processes and refinements to provide golfers with more precision and performance.

Here’s what you need to know: The T100 is considered a modern tour iron and its design has received input from PGA Tour stars such as Jordan Spieth. The T100•S has the same look and feel as the T100, but it has been engineered with stronger loft to give players more distance.

The T200 iron, meanwhile, still provides golfers tour-like qualities, but offers additional game-improvement features. For higher-handicappers there’s the T300, which Titleist considers the ultimate game improvement iron. It features a forgiving, mid-sized, fast, cavity-back design.

“The new T-Series irons represent another step forward in Titleist iron design and technology,” said Josh Talge, Vice President for Titleist Golf Club Marketing. “With these new irons, every detail matters. They provide the best precision and performance in their respective iron category with stunning aesthetics and feel.”

In addition to the T-Series family, Titleist has also introduced the U•505 utility club, which builds on the foundation of the original U•500 and U•510.

The wide-soled club combines the best of both, helping golfers increase launch and speed.

And for better players looking for a less-lofted set of irons at the top of the bag, there are three T200 long irons (2, 3 and 4) available, and they’re designed to give golfers a lengthier option with the feel of an iron versus a utility club.

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