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New 2024 Callaway Apex Irons Review

The Callaway Apex Pro Irons

The Callaway Apex line has developed a quality reputation from its last release, and they are looking to reach even more impressive heights with the new 2024 Apex irons. This year, they’ve emphasized creating complementary club models that can be bought as a set on their own or as a blended set.

We got to demo every model in the new Apex line to get a feel for ourselves and communicate to our customers exactly what we think about each:

In this new Callaway Apex irons review, we are going to go more in-depth on the following:

  • Key features of each model
  • Pros and cons
  • Who should buy them

Let’s dive into each and determine what Callaway has brought for 2024.

Key Features

There are three non-utility iron models in the 2024 Apex lineup. We will break down their key features individually since each iron in the lineup has its own benefits.

Apex Pro Irons

The Apex Pro irons are focused on bringing distance and workability in a slightly more forgiving package. They are the most forgiving of the bunch and have the strongest loft (by about a degree across the board), but still let higher-level players work their shots when needed.

Hollow-Body Construction The Apex Pro is the only iron with this feature, and the hollow body and forged face work well together to create an extremely forgiving face with a very soft feel.
Progressive Face Design Higher irons (3-5) leverage a forged 455 face cup design meant to improve forgiveness, while the scoring clubs (6-PW) boast the same 1025 forged carbon steel that the other two lines have to allow for more workability.
Larger Head & Thicker Sole/Topline Everything on the Apex Pro clubhead is slightly larger and thicker than the rest of the lineup, making it easier to hit straight, long shots regardless of the terrain.
Urethane Microspheres for Improved Sound/Feel Callaway’s patented urethane microspheres located in the hollow body of the clubhead help dampen sound and improve feel while allowing the face to flex for better ball speed.

Apex CB Irons

The Apex CB irons take a step further into “Player’s Iron” territory, focusing more on workability while maintaining enough forgiveness. Many of the forgiveness features on the Pro irons are left out to make the CB play (and look) a bit more like a blade, offering a great middle-ground for better players that need more precise control out of their irons shots.

Muscle Cavity Construction Instead of a hollow-body construction, the CB irons are cavity-back forged irons that provide a middle ground between forgiveness and workability.
Progressive CG The center of gravity is placed lower in the long irons, progressively increasing as you go down the set, ensuring consistent launch with every club.
Compact Head with a Thinner Sole The CB takes a step down from the Pro in overall head size and sole thickness, making it easier to make precise shot adjustments without losing out entirely on forgiveness.

Apex MB Irons

The Apex MB Irons are a true blade designed for ultimate workability and precision. They are the least forgiving and geared toward experienced golfers who want total control over every aspect of their shot.

Modern Blade Design The MB’s one-piece forged blade head provides enhanced workability beyond anything the other two models can provide (at the cost of forgiveness).
Progressive CG The center of gravity is placed lower in the long irons, progressively increasing as you go down the set, ensuring consistent launch with every club.
Compact Head with the Thinnest Sole As a blade, the MB has an even slimmer profile to make it as nimble as possible. Although, it still offers the dynamic sole design that the other two have to improve turf interaction.

Pros and Cons

As each model is designed for a slightly different goal, each will have its own pros and cons associated with it. So, let’s go down the line and discuss the pros and cons of each.

Apex Pro Irons

Pros Cons
Surprisingly workable for a “forgiving” iron
Terrific sound and feel
Impressive distance
Looks a bit clunkier at address compared to the other models
Stonger lofts can lead to increased distance, so adjusting your yardages may be necessary

Apex CB Irons

Pros Cons
Doesn’t sacrifice a ton of forgiveness for the workability you gain
Confidence-inspiring looks at address
Extremely consistent spin rates
Not a great fit for new golfers
Not as workable as the MB

Apex MB Irons

Pros Cons
Extraordinary workability
Longer blade length improves consistency
Very nimble and precise
Blades are among the least forgiving clubs available
Most golfers would probably prefer a blended set with CB or Pro irons for the longer irons

Who Should Buy the New Callaway Apex Irons?

The 2024 Apex Pro series irons have options that most golfers will be happy with. With that said, there are no true “game improvement” irons in the series, so newer golfers may want to look at sets that offer more forgiveness and launch assistance at a lower price range and consider looking at the Apex Pro series later on as they improve.

If you want to buy a uniform set, the Apex Pro irons will likely fit low-mid handicap golfers the best, with the CB and MB leaning more toward low-handicap and scratch golfers as you move through the lineup. The great thing about these irons, though, is that they were designed with blended sets in mind. This means that if you want more forgiveness in your long irons, and more workability in the scoring clubs, you can easily blend a set with two different models– or, you can even do a set with all three if your needs are more diverse.

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