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New Callaway Chrome Soft Golf Balls

By John Steinbreder of Global Golf Post

Chrome Soft
All-new Callaway Chrome Soft golf ball

In creating the latest-generation Chrome Soft golf ball, Callaway engineers led by company R&D head Dr. Alan Hocknell turned to a space age-sounding material called graphene. He described it as “an atomic-scale honeycomb lattice made of carbon atoms” and says it is renowned for being among the strongest materials on earth – and also quite elastic. And Hocknell avers that he and his team were able to use graphene in the outer core of this dual-core product so that it acted as a sort of “crash helmet” for the inner core. That enabled them to make the inner core, which often is identified as the engine of the golf ball, bigger and softer, endowing it with more speed and spin-reducing properties for greater distance while still retaining its soft-feel characteristics.

“People should also see higher ball speeds from their tee shots and less spin from the new Chrome Soft as well as significantly better distance with mid-irons and approaches,” Hocknell says.

Chrome Soft (Yellow)
Callaway Chrome Soft (Yellow)

These four-piece products are available in two models, Chrome Soft and Chrome Soft X. And in addition to the new Dual SoftFast Core in which the graphene can be found, they employ Tour Urethane covers for better control and shot-stopping spin around the greens, as well as fast SubMantles that work with the low-compression cores to give the balls what Hovknell says is better overall feel.

Chrome Soft comes in white and yellow versions and possesses a slightly softer feel than Chrome Soft X, which is made to launch somewhat higher and be a bit firmer even as it retains the sort of spin properties around the green that better players desire.

Republished with permission from Global Golf Post.