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New ECCO Golf Shoes of 2023: What’s Hot

New ECCO golf shoes of 2023

Get ready to take your golf game to new heights with ECCO, a brand that’s driving innovation and comfort on the green. ECCO’s renowned expertise in activewear technology ensures that your rounds are not only stylish but also incredibly comfortable. As we dive into the new ECCO golf shoes of 2023, we’ll guide you through three key categories:

  • Comfort Technology: ECCO takes the “footwork” out of finding comfortable golf shoes.
  • Classic Looks: ECCO proves that “style” and “swing” go hand in hand.
  • Value: ECCO believes scoring a great deal should be par for the course.

So, grab your clubs and join the ECCO golfing revolution. We’re here to tee you up with our top picks in each category, ensuring you find the perfect shoes for your golfing needs. 

Best for Comfort Tech Best for Classic Looks
The ECCO Classic Hybrid
Best Value Pick Best for Women
The ECCO Golf Tray The ECCO-S3 Women’s Golf Shoe

Best New ECCO Golf Shoes for Comfort Technology: The BIOM C4 ($249-269.99)

The ECCO Biom C4 shoe in black.

The ECCO BIOM C4 stands out as a top choice for golfers seeking comfort and temperature regulation. This shoe not only offers exceptional comfort but also keeps your feet cool during gameplay. Featuring ECCO Natural Motion and Fluidform technologies, the shoe incorporates a spikeless sole that delivers optimal support, rebound, and cushioning. 

Additionally, the shoe utilizes Exhaust Gris technology, which includes strategically placed angled openings that promote airflow while preventing moisture from entering. As a result, your feet stay cool and comfortable, even in hot conditions, while remaining completely waterproof. Say goodbye to sore and sweltering feet after a long round of golf.

If you prioritize comfort above all else, the ECCO Biom C4 is the perfect choice.

Best New ECCO Golf Shoes for Classic Looks: The Classic Hybrid ($219.99)

The ECCO Men’s Classic Hybrid Golf Shoe in white.

If you’re in search of golf shoes that mirror the style of your favorite tour pro, the ECCO Men’s Classic Hybrid is the ideal choice. These shoes strike a balance between impressive performance and timeless aesthetics while still providing remarkable comfort. While they may not have the extensive cooling and advanced sole technology in other models, they offer classic styling and simple comfort. Crafted from high-quality, flexible, embossed leather and features a cushioned insole, these shoes prioritize comfort without compromising on style. Moreover, the Hydromax water-repellent coating ensures their durability and ability to withstand heavy moisture. With their spikeless design, these shoes make a statement on and off the course.

If you desire a shoe that excels in all aspects and looks great while doing so, the ECCO Classic Hybrid is a purchase you won’t regret.

Best New ECCO Golf Shoes for Value: The Golf Tray ($179.99)

The ECCO Golf Tray shoe in white.

If you’re seeking the renowned ECCO innovation without straining your budget, consider the ECCO Golf Tray golf shoes. These shoes provide many of the same features found in the Classic Hybrid models, such as high-quality leather and lightweight sole construction, but at a more affordable price point. They also share the Hydromax water-repellent coating, ensuring durability and protection against moisture. With their impressively grippy spikeless sole, these shoes can be worn on and off the course.

The ECCO Golf Tray shoes are an excellent choice for those who want to experience ECCO quality without the higher price tag associated with their other new arrivals.

Best New ECCO Golf Shoes for Women: The ECCO S3


For women golfers seeking a winning combination of performance and style, look no further than the ECCO S3 Spikeless golf shoe. These golf shoes are specifically designed to elevate your game while keeping you in a fashion-forward form on the course.

But the ECCO S3 doesn’t just stop at appearances—it’s built to perform. Featuring X-TENSA INVISIBLE TECHNOLOGY, these shoes offer enhanced stability, providing you with the confidence and control you need to make powerful and accurate swings. Comfort is a top priority, and the ECCO S3 delivers on all fronts. The shoe’s cushioning and support work together seamlessly to optimize your performance and keep you comfortable throughout your rounds. When it comes to protection, the ECCO S3 doesn’t disappoint. Equipped with GORE-TEX Technology, these shoes provide 100% waterproof protection, ensuring your feet stay dry in wet conditions. Now you can focus on your game without being distracted by the weather.

These shoes are designed to withstand the demands of the course while maintaining a luxurious appearance that will keep you looking great from tee to green.

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