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New Ping Drivers – Part Animal, Part Vehicle

According to Ping Chief Executive John Solheim, dragonfly wings and 18-wheelers were the technological inspirations behind the new G series drivers that his equipment company recently released.

The all new Ping G Series Driver
The all new Ping G Series Driver

The first of those ideas came from a photograph of a dragonfly he had taken.

Solheim says he was particularly intrigued by the wing structure of that insect, and that prompted him to share the likeness with a group of Ping engineers.

Using that image, they created a complex exoskeleton for a driver head that yielded Ping’s thinnest and lightest crown to date, with the 8 grams of weight that they saved in that part of the club being relocated so that they could drive the center of gravity lower and deeper. That allowed them to increase dynamic loft and elevate moment of inertia, boosting distance and forgiveness in the process.

As for the second concept, it came from researchers who studied the base flaps that are used behind semi trailers to reduce drag and enhance the ease with which they cut through wind.

The Ping technicians then applied what they learned to the G drivers to bolster their aerodynamics and increase clubhead speed and ball velocity, for even more length on tee shots.

The G Series comes in three forms: Standard, LS Tec and SF Tec. The SF Tec is custom-engineered with weight closer to the heel to promote a right-to-left tee shot bend, for right-handed golfers. As for the LS Tec, it boasts a CG that is extremely low and slightly forward of the Standard, for the player who wants low, stable spin with forgiveness.

All G Series drivers come with a variable-thickness T9S face that features a high strength-to-weight ratio. The thin face that results from that is made to boost ball speed even more. And a lightweight, high-strength, 7075 aluminum hosel sleeve allows for plenty of adjustability.

By John Steinbreder – Global Golf Post